I Heart Haiku

I’ve been bitten by the haiku bug. There are two reasons for this: one is the extraordinary book “The Tao is Silent” by logician and polymath Raymond Smullyan; the other is a beautiful little introduction to haiku poetry by Jane Hirshfield called “The Heart of Haiku.”

I will not attempt to describe The Tao is Silent here: it requires a blog post all by itself.

Hirshfield’s book traces the history of Matsuo Bashō, a pioneer of the haiku form, and is interspersed with his beautiful poetry. Here is my review of these two books in haiku form followed by some haiku that I composed. The only constraint of the haiku format I’ve followed here is that there be exactly 17 syllables.

The Tao is Silent

old, dry, musty pages—
the Tao speaks through
the birds outside my window

The Heart of Haiku

Jane Hirshfield, thank you,
for inspiring me with:
the beauty of Bashō


I hug warm clothes
freshly dried—standing in a
large carbon footprint

Quantum Mechanics

quantum mechanics:
beautiful poem,
open to interpretation

Outside my house

bubblegum sidewalk:
gray with black splotches;
stars and stripes flutter in the wind


after excursions
into counterfactual realms,
I return here

At Work

taste of espresso—
clouds floating by on a
landscape of equations